Peanut Massage Ball Fitness Sport Yoga Ball

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Our Laser Sports Spiked Peanut and Hedgehog Massage Ball Set offer versatility for muscle tension relief. The contoured shape of the peanut ball adds comfort to better fit your body and the spikes target your sensory receptors. The ball is smaller & can help with add concentrated pressure

  • Great for massaging your palms, feet, ankle, shank, arms, neck and back, etc.
  • A simple massage tool that can help relieve muscular tension, promote blood circulation.
  • With a diameter of 7cm, it can be put in the pocket when not used.
  • You may feel pain at first, need 1-2 weeks to get used to it.
  • Light, portable, & can be used on any flat surface.


  • THERAPY AFTER EXERCISE - both massage balls aid in recovering tired and sore muscles. May also use these massage tools while waiting for your doctor
  • RELEASES STRESS - helps relax the muscles, especially on the back, neck and feet. Can be used as a roller for leg muscles.
  • HEAL FASTER ON INJURIES - removing tension and stress that restrict blood circulation is the key to maintaining hydration in your muscles and connective deep tissue. The spike ball will aid in your injury recovery.
  • WORKS ON THE MYOFASCIAL SYSTEM - Aside from that, spiky massage balls are great to trigger points too when used as a plantar fasciitis ball.
  • PORTABLE FITNESS ROLLER - our peanut and hedgehog massager balls are made of high-grade materials. More convenient than bringing a foam or foot roller on your travel.
  • Both balls aid in recovering tired and sore muscles
  • Reduces muscle tension, relieves tightness, and releases stress
  • Improves blood flow circulation to help relax muscles
  • Great for plantar fasciitis and myofascial release
  • Portable for easy use at home, travel, office, etc.