How can I be a better chipper or pitcher in golf?

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Today I have for you some great short game advice from Jeff Richmond who is the Director of Instruction at By improving your pitching, chipping, and bunker shots you can easily take a lot of shots off your scores.

Below you'll find a really simple tip from Jeff Richmond to help you improve your chipping confidence and pitching feel, plus increase your confidence.

Many golfers have problems with chipping and pitching, and a lot of it comes down to confidence.

So without any further ado, here are some tips and advice from Jeff to help you get the ball closer with your short game shots...

How To Improve Your Pitch Shot Feel
By Jeff Richmond

Pitch shots in the 20 - 50 yard range are tricky.

You need to have a good feel for the distance required before you hit the shot, otherwise, you'll have a lack of confidence over these shots. And a lack of confidence over a golf shot is a killer.

So here's a way to improve your feel and confidence on these pitch shots.

Go out to a practice green, or even in your backyard, and spend five minutes or so tossing balls underhand onto the practice green, or to a set target at home.

Doing this will help your rhythm and tempo when you go to pitch a ball, because the tempo and rhythm used to toss a ball should be similar to the tempo and rhythm required to hit good pitch shots.

When you are underhand tossing the balls you should be aware of how your hand adjusts to produce different trajectories and distances.

So, experiment and toss the ball at different trajectories and from different distances away from your target. Feel and notice the difference in your actions. After underhand tossing balls for at least 5 minutes, then hit some pitch shots from the distances you've been at.

That tip was from Jeff Richmond and if you would like even more help with your short game to make it so it's like a professional, go here to find out more about Jeff's great step-by-step Short Game Improvement program.

The Short Game Improvement Program


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