Must Have Football Essentials for Every Football Player!

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Must-Have Football Essentials for Every Football Player! 

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We cannot deny the fact that football is one of the roughest sports. No doubt, sometimes it's hard on the body but that does not mean you should not play instead you can opt for some preventive measures. It will not only prove good for your psyche but also enables you to enjoy your football in a much better way. Adding some essentials to your football checklist will double the fun and don’t worry it will be lighter on the pocket. I have compiled some most effective yet affordable products for you, so next time you have a football match, use these essentials and you will be amazed (just like me) by the results you get. Hopefully, this will help football moms or dads to guide them in the right direction of some of the equipment that their little league football players might need to get started. 


1.      Under Armor Men's F7 Football Gloves


Including these sassy gloves in your football essentials will not only enhance your catching ability but also prevent you from having any kind of injury. That is the reason why these gloves are at the top of the list. It's better to prevent than to cure, so indulge in these gloves, you won’t regret it! They fit in your hands very well. They have silver glittering on them and if you don’t like that or you’re from that school of thought who thinks sparkly glitters are for girls, then you can check out Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves that I listed on number 9 in the list.




  • Adjustable closure for a secure fit.
  • Glue grip makes your gloves stay sticky as it provides long-lasting and consistent tack.
  • Classy design and color.
  • The turf gear at the back of the hand is not only textured well but also provides durability.




  • Boys may not like the silvery sparkly glitter on the gloves.


2.     Mcdavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads


The best thing about these knee pads is that they can be used for the elbow and shin too. So, no need to spend extra money. Moreover, these are designed to fit well and provide good support. Invest in them because they are much thinner and comfortable. They can be used on a daily basis for your regular practice as they are lighter as compared to regular knee pads available in the markets.




  • Have multipurpose-can be used for elbow and knee.
  • Can be used for football and any other sport.
  • Machine washable.
  • Designed with moisture management technology that helps in staying cool and dry.




  • You may have to order more than one pair as they wear out easily.


3.      Under Armor Boys' Tech Big Logo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


The best thing about this t-shirt is that you can wear heat gear when it's hot and cold gear when it's cold, and all-season gear between the extremes. Best investment. No? Moreover, the material used for this shirt wicks the sweat quickly and also easily dries when washed. This shirt can prove to be your fantastic regular football match wear.




  • Has tech fabric that helps in quick-drying.
  • Ultra-soft.
  • Has a more natural feel.
  • Machine washable.
  • Low price without any compromise on quality.
  • Color does not fade even after many washes.




  • You may need to double-check the sizes before ordering them.


4.      McDavid Hex Rival 5 Padded Football Pants


These pants go well with your under-armor boys' short-sleeved t-shirt. They can give you a stunning and funky look. The best thing about these pants is that the padding is in all the places where it is needed. That’s why it brings the utmost comfort. Try them out; you’ll definitely enjoy wearing them.




  • Have moisture management technology that keeps you dry and cool for a longer time.
  • Designed with anatomical contours.
  • Hard-shell thigh guards are low-profile and comfortable.
  • Have cup pockets on the sides.
  • Can be used easily for the whole season.





  • Very small thigh pads for someone who wears an extra-large size.


5.      Nike Pro Dri-Fit Football Arm Shivers 3.0


Add swag to your football look by indulging in these full-length arms shivers. To ensure your skin protection, never forget to wear these compression arm sleeves. Besides providing you good protection they also prevent muscle soreness and in case you have got any injury they are helpful in quicker healing and recovery. That’s why there is no need for a second thought about getting them as soon as possible.




  • They have the moisture-wicking ability.
  • Come in pairs.
  • Provide protection without causing any discomfort.
  • They are made of fabric that minimizes sweat retention.




  • They may feel tight when you wear them for the very first time.


 6.   WILSON Sporting Goods Tackle Football Player Equipment Bag Black


Nothing can be more convenient than getting this backpack. This padded shoulder bag can be used to transport your football essentials anywhere. And you know what the best part is? You can place your football gear in it with your other stuff and still, it will be comfortable to carry. There are additional pockets as well that can be used for keeping some extra things if you want.



  • Don't wear out easily; can be used for a whole season or even more.
  • Contains a large main compartment for a helmet, shoulder pads, and small accessories
  • Fits all the football equipment easily.
  • Has adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • The decoration panel is removable.
  • Have reflective stripes that not only look classy but also aid in visibility at night.




  • N/a


7. Schutt Sports F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet, Facemask NOT Included, Football Gear and Accessories


This remarkable protective helmet is for those who want more protection. Premier athletes are quickly adopting the speed helmet thanks to its impressive design. It has a large shell as compared to ordinary helmets. Wearing it maximizes your protection from any sort of injury or bone fracture. The cherry on the top is that it can give you an extremely charming look.


  • The side padding are removable.
  • Has 4-point chin strap accessibility.
  • Colors and decals are customizable.
  • Has strong internal padding.




  • It is quite expensive.


8.    Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard, Sports Mouth Guard for Football


Being a football person, you cannot undermine the importance of mouth guards as they protect teeth, tongue, and lips. They are more like a shock absorber, preventing concussions that may result due to falls or severe hits. The supremacy of these mouth guards lies in the fact that they can be used for other sports as well; be it hockey, cricket or golf, they work well for all.




  • Size is customizable to give you the best fit.
  • Have premium shock-absorbing protection.
  • Easily usable for a long time.
  • It is compatible with braces as well.
  • Takes only a few seconds in hot water to mold to your mouth. 
  • Grips your top teeth without having to bite down.




  • If not boiled correctly, it might not fit your teeth.


9.   Franklin Sports Youth Football Receiver Gloves

As I said earlier, these gloves can be a good alternative to armor football gloves. They are simple without any shimmer or glitter on them. Besides that, they have a perfect fit and excellent grip. They are available in many colors so, go get your most favorite.



  • The hand back is made of durable and flexible fabric to provide you with a comfortable fit.
  • They look elegant.
  • They are cheap yet amazing.
  • Comfortable
  • Available in multi-colors.



  • Fingers may be ripped off by these gloves.

10. Xenith Element Skill Varsity Football Shoulder Pads for Adults - All Purpose Protective Gear

These pads are designed to provide protection from high impacts. You can get them if you want to have protection for your shoulders. They have good quality fiber which aids in quick sweat-wicking.




  • PRIORITIZE SPEED: Short chest plate and integrated backplate prioritizes range of motion and speed for skill players. If you're a DB high-pointing a jump ball or a wideout bending over backwards to make a back shoulder catch and do not want to compromise on range-of-motion then Element Skill was designed for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION: Xenith shoulder pads are designed for the committed athlete; lightweight and low profile allowing for a full range of motion without sacrificing protection.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Removable padding makes cleaning and maintenance simple.
  • DURABILITY: Lace less design and buckle straps provide durable and dependable wear every season.
  • RELIABILITY: Belt and buckle size adjustments system eliminates unnecessary bungees and straps and ensures a lock-down fit, every time.



  • Expensive
  • No back plate included


An Ultimate Buying Guide for buying football essentials like a pro

Here I have rounded up some factors you should consider while investing in your football essentials:


Always Prioritize Safety & Comfort

Be it your football uniform or some additional things like arm shivers always consider indulging in comfortable things. Double-check the sizes of the knee, thigh, or hip pads to make sure they will help you perform well instead of spoiling your comfort and ease. The goal is to keep our football players safe from injury while helping them stay comfort during play. It is a tough balance for some players. 


Indulge in Affordable Stuff

Price is an important factor you should always consider. There is no need to waste money on expensive things when you can get the same value at a low price. However, you may need to spend a good amount on a quality helmet, ensuring your safety and it will be more like a future investment as well because this one helmet can be used for a longer time.



  • Concisely, keep it lighter on the pocket without compromising the level of comfort. As simple as that!


Wrapping Up

Being a football lover, there is no other choice left for you other than buying football-related things like arm shivers or knee pads. So I’ve compiled some budget-friendly yet high-quality essentials for you. Hopefully, my impartial reviews and brief buying guide will help you select the right things and in my top picks at least one will definitely grab your attention.