10 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

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One of the most popular sports in the world is golf. As all the players know that golf is a physically challenging and also a mentally stimulating game. Typically it is considered that golf is not a demanding sport, but one round of golf likely means that you are out in the field and moving around. This game is also called a gentleman's game! And is played outdoors with different cuts of grass. You may not observe but you walk 6-7 kilometers for several hours continuously. In this time you are constantly using your brain for solving the challenges that you face. Playing golf is beneficial for your health in many ways. The fresh air from the environment can help everything in your body, this includes digestive health, heart rate, and blood pressure also. So simply, people who spend more time outdoors have a lower risk of heart diseases and other conditions including obesity. The top ten amazing benefits of playing golf are in this article.


1. Strengthens relationships

This is a popular and a very socially enjoyable sport. Playing this amazing way can be a great way to keep in touch with friends, relatives, and the community. It provides various opportunities to meet new people and help to connect with the community. Golf is not an intense game like football, soccer, or volleyball and does not need any kind of running. It is also not as competitive as other games. In golf, there is plenty of downtime and silence for interacting with other players. Even studies suggest that many business deals are also done on a golf course


2. Burns calories

The golf course is stretched to a wide area. So covering 30 to 200 acres of golf course means a lot of walking in the area. Not using a golf cart and walking along the course, you can cover a distance of five to seven kilometers. And in addition to this if you carry your playing equipment then you will be able to burn even more calories. With all this walking and carrying your things, you can burn almost 1000 calories in a single game. This would help you a lot in weight loss also


3. Healthy heart

As discussed over here multiple times, golf gives you a chance to do a lot of exercises simply by walking along the golf course. It can also lead to good exercise for your heart. Walking, carrying your golf kit and burning calories will increase your heart rate and it will keep pumping blood and increase blood flow. As a result, this will lead to lower your risk for heart diseases and the bad cholesterol levels will be also lowered


4. Good brain health

When you have a good heart rate after doing a sufficient amount of exercise, this would also affect your brain health positively. An increase in heart rate leads to more blood pumping to your brain, which as a result improves nerve cell connections. This can help a lot in delaying diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia. While playing, golfers are in continuous competition and sort out different strategies to perform their best. This kind of challenge gives a boost to self-confidence and self-esteem. And the continuous engagement of the brain in solving and sorting out strategies to get a good score helps to keep the brain very active and solve logical functions.



5. Reduce stress

Playing in an open environment and fresh air gives people a refreshing and amazing feeling. No one gets exhausted while playing on an open golf course. That is why for many people golf is a great way of reducing stress. Looking at the green surroundings gives a calming effect to your eyes and helps a lot in getting rid of unwanted stress. When you play a shot then you will consider yourself more productive because your stress and tension are naturally released. Exercise helps us to improve mood and can also reduce pain and stress by releasing endorphins and many other hormones



6. Improved sleep

If you are also one of those people who suffer from the problem of insomnia, then golf is for you. It can be a remedy for people who are suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues. When you play golf regularly, it creates a healthy routine. This is probably the only sport that takes almost four hours to complete and you have an option to walk instead of driving a buggy. So in this way, your body will get a chance to do the maximum amount of exercise and it will be able to regulate a better sleep cycle. A better sleep cycle means improved focus and ability to accomplish daily tasks in a better way. By playing golf you can say goodbye to sleepy meetings and can focus on work in a much better way.


7. Improved vision

Generally, a small golf ball can travel almost 340 kilometers per hour. This is probably faster than the Ferrari or Lamborghini that you might have dreamt of driving one day. When you play a shot then it is necessary that you track your golf ball with your eyes and then locate the area where it lands. Well, this thing requires great precision and focus, for tracking the ball, and improving it will take time. In this way, you will also be able to locate the flag position.


8. Less chance of serious injury

As we all know that no physical activity is possible without a little injury, but golf is certainly and luckily a low-risk sport. This game very rarely causes serious injuries. Injuries are possible, if you keep yourself and your kit well-prepared then you can avoid injuries.


9. Strengthens bladder

This one might be a surprising benefit for you, but it is the most important one. Since this, not a short duration game and there are fewer opportunities for bathroom breaks. S this trains the bladder to be strong and increases its capacity


10.                   Long life

The most important benefit of playing golf is its amazing ability to increase longevity and improve quality of life, many studies show that golfers have greater life expectancy than non-golfers. Playing golf also gives happiness, which is the most important part of life



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